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Pavers Walkway

There are many benefits to choosing paving stones (pavers) for your home improvement projects. Creating stable walkways that are highly attractive, these versatile stones add beauty and value to any patio or walkway. Make the investment in your landscape and take your property to the next level with beautiful concrete paving stones from Jenesis Roofing.

Safe Navigation

Walk through the grass, and you risk twisting your ankle in a hole. Stride through the garden on just the soil and you can easily lose your balance and fall. With elegant pavers, you create a solid and safe walking surface that is also attractive. Water drains away quickly, the surface remains level and you are assured of having solid footing for a safe walk around your home. Trust Jenesis Roofing to install these beautiful stones as part of an integral and functional part of your landscape.

Durability you can Trust

More durable than wood, concrete pavers will last for years. They will not rot and they are not prone to cracking. Areas covered with pavers are ready for immediate use, and they can handle steady traffic. Designed to last for years, they are actually more durable than poured concrete and they can withstand cold temperatures without cracking.

Flexible Designs

When you choose to enhance your home with landscape paving stones, you are choosing a flexible material. Available in different styles, sizes and colors, you can create any number of stunning designs for your patio, front porch or walkways. Opt for elegant curves and graceful rounded areas when you invest in patio paving stones.

An Affordable Option

One of the greatest features of paving stones is that they are economical and easy on your budget. You can pay thousands of dollars for poured concrete, but the individual stones will cost you far less. They create a stunning, high-end look without incurring an incredibly high expense. If you are dealing with a tight budget, talk to Jenesis Roofing to see how we can provide you with an incredible paved area that fits your budget.

Made for All Weather

Colorado winters can be brutal, but pavers can handle the low temperatures. Cracking is a problem with asphalt or regular concrete, but you won’t have to worry with beautiful pavers. They are designed to flex slightly and move with the earth, so they aren’t prone to cracking or chipping. This makes them an excellent investment for our climate.

When you are ready to improve your home’s exterior, consider the benefits of allowing Jenesis Roofing to install beautiful pavers. Functional and attractive, they will make your property safer while adding value. Durable and weather-resistant, they will provide you with many years of service. Call Jenesis Roofing today to learn more about patio paving stones and make an appointment for an estimate.

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