New Roof Construction & Repair in Thornton

New Roof ThorntonColorado is well known for our beautiful mountains, great skiing and typically wonderful weather. Unfortunately, we can also experience severe storms as the fronts come down off the mountains and charge out towards the plains. Between the winds and the hail, roofs and gutters can take on a lot of damage. For roofing service and repair in Thornton, look no further than Jenesis Roofing.

Assessing the Damage

It isn’t possible to stand on the ground and get a good idea of the state of your roof or gutters. Certainly, if you can see damaged shingles from there, you can bet that there is more to see. Call in a professional who will climb up on your home and check everything properly. This means inspecting for loose or damaged shingles, flashing defects, leaks, rotted underlayment, damaged gutters and much more.

The inspection should be followed by a discussion of what the roofer found. Any damage found should be documented and a plan for repair offered. An estimate of costs should also be part of the paperwork. With this information you can approach your insurance company and discuss their coverage.

Talk To Your Insurer

Because most structural damage in Thornton occurs as a result of weather related incidents, insurers are used to dealing with the problem. In fact, most policies are written with a clause that specifically addresses such damage. Your insurance company is likely to send out their own appraiser to investigate, and then issue a check, to you or the roofer of your choice to begin the repair.

What’s involved in a Repair?

Roof Repair ThorntonWith your contract signed, it is time start the job. The first step is to tear off the damaged surface. All materials will be placed in a trash bin, and the wooden structures that couldn’t be seen before will be checked more thoroughly. Any panels that need replacing will be replaced and then the new tar paper, flashing and shingles installed. Your yard will be inspected for any debris, and cleaned up.

Keeping your home in good condition in Thornton isn’t difficult, but it does require some vigilance and a bit of expertise. And Jenesis Roofing is the right roofing and repair company for Thornton home and business owners.

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