New Roof Construction & Repair in Superior

Superior Roof RepairJenesis Roofing is a well-established company serving Superior and surrounding areas. We specialize in installing new roofs, repairing old ones and even complete removal. We also handle related jobs like installing soffit or ridge vents, gutters and making upgrades.

Installation and Repairs

Whether you need installation or repairs, you can count on us to take care to provide quality service. We will protect your grass and shrubs from damage, repair or replace damaged decking, extend the decking when necessary, smooth down old nails and be sure to explain all of the facets of the work. We’ll also be sure to use tarps and other materials to protect your home in case of inclement weather during the project.

The quality of our work doesn’t stop with simple installation. When we install shingles, we use 12 nails for each shingle instead of just stapling them on. This will allow your shingles to withstand higher winds than can be handled when they are attached with other methods.

We install many types of materials in Superior. Along with shingles, we can put on tile, metal, pavers, and special cool roofing. Our experts will talk to you about all of your options and let you know what is best for your house or building.


Superior Rain GuttersIf you have a flat, elevated area that you wish you could use for more, have us install pavers. Pavers will let you use the area for a patio, seat people for outdoor dining or simply give you the use of the area for sitting. This is a great way to gain access to an area that would otherwise be wasted space.

Gutter Maintenance and Installation

When Jenesis Roofing makes repairs or do a new installation, we will also clean and repair the gutters to help ensure that the new covering will last a long time. And if you need new gutters, we can easily install them. This can be done as part of a larger job or as a standalone project.

No matter what type of roofing job you need done in Superior, give Jenesis Roofing a call today. We have years of experience and are able to take care of your needs quickly and professionally.

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