New Roof Construction & Repair in Highlands Ranch

The City of Highlands Ranch has seen a steady and rapid growth over the recent past. And as Highlands Ranch has grown, so have home values. The #1 defense your home, your #1 investment, has against the elements is its roof. Jenesis Roofing is proud to serve our neighbors of Highlands Ranch.

The value of your home is directly tied to its appearance and condition, among other things. A new or replacement roof from Jenesis Roofing not only provides curb appeal, it also gives you the assurance your home is protected from the outside elements. Upon request, our expert technicians will come to your home for free to assess any work that may be needed and estimate the costs thereof.

Roof Home ShingleJenesis Roofing also handles gutters. While many homeowners don’t put much thought into their gutters, they do play an integral role in the overall health of your home. If your gutters get clogged with leaves or other debris, rain or melting snow may not drain properly causing damage to the roof and potentially even to other parts of your home.

Jenesis Roofing recommends having your gutters professionally cleaned and inspected at least once a year for any necessary repairs or replacement.

Still looking for more curb appeal? Jenesis Roofing is Highlands Ranch #1 choice for installing pavers. These interlocking paving stones (pavers) not only add a high level of hardiness, but it will most certainly spruce up your drive or walkway. Pavers come in various types and colors, and are also frequently installed on flat roofs.

So don’t hesitate to replace the concrete or asphalt around your home with new pavers for an aesthetically pleasing, low-maintenance, durable option that will hold up under just about any weather condition. And they great at the same time.

Jenesis Roofing looks forward to speaking with you about upgrading your Highlands Ranch home!

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