New Roof Construction & Repair in Henderson

New Roof HendersonFinding a professional roofing company that offers free estimates, quality workmanship and guaranteed service may seem daunting to a Henderson homeowner. At Jenesis Roofing, however, we have earned our reputation around the state by providing superior service with attention to detail during all phases of a project.

Jenesis Roofing specializes in all aspects of residential and commercial property maintenance and focuses on new roof installation, repair, removal and maintenance in Henderson. With a fleet of work trucks and competent technicians, our team ensures your home has the most energy-efficient solution. In addition to the installation of new materials, we install gutters, pavers and ridge vents.

At Jenesis Roofing, we know how the weather in and around Henderson can suddenly change, and we use proactive measures to protect your property during all phases of a project. During the estimate phase, we explain the steps required to install your new material, pavers or gutters and ensure you have the best price and the highest quality materials. Since rain, snow, heat and cold can affect the completion of our projects, we make sure you know about any adjustments that are required.

As part of our job, we offer all of our clients the following safety measures to protect their investment, home and family:

  • Initially, we explain the adjustments your particular job requires
  • Before removal beings, we protect your trees, shrubs and landscaping with tarps
  • Old shingles are removed and disposed of properly
  • Existing decking is repaired or extended according to your job’s details
  • Decking is smoothed to ensure optimal installation of new materials and to also validate your manufacturer’s warranty

Since many Henderson homeowners rely on shingles or pavers to protect their family, Jenesis Roofing specializes in the installation and repair of various materials and offers competitive pricing with an industry-leading warranty. Repairs are also one of our leading services, and we offer professional installation with six nails to protect your home from strong winds. We are one of the leading contractors in your area and have earned a superior reputation by installing only the best materials in a professional manner.

We routinely work on residential and commercial properties.

  • We install and replace asphalt and composite shingles
  • We specialize in tile materials that are fire and hail resistant and offer you unlimited upkeep
  • Our metal panels come with energy saving features and are incredibly resilient
  • Cool coatings are made to cut your cooling costs and are perfect for humid areas
  • Flat structures are usually covered with rubber and are an ideal option for our commercial clients

For more information on our products, services or warranties, feel free to contact a member of our Jenesis Roofing team today!

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