New Roof Construction & Repair in Frederick

Frederick home and business owners can rely on Jenesis Roofing for a variety of new installations and repair jobs. We are fully licensed and insured. Installers are familiar with the leading materials. We install pavers, shingles, gutters and rubber roofs on a regular basis. All of our workmanship is fully guaranteed, and our customers are assured of their satisfaction. Jenesis Roofing offers free estimates to Fredrick homeowners and our technicians are more than happy to offer consultations.Frederick Roof and Shingles

Jenesis Repair Services

Frederick homes are an expensive investment, and Jenesis Roofing works hard to ensure roofs last for as long as possible. Routine maintenance and minor repairs of shingles and pavers is essential in the Colorado weather. Inspecting homes on a regular basis is one of the featured services. Our experts can usually spot small issues and fix the problem before costs spiral out of control. Installing new ridges and soffit vents is another of our featured services. Today’s homes are designed for energy efficiency, and it is essential that air circulates through the structure. Ridge and soffit vents accomplish this task, and Jenesis Roofing helps home and business owners make their buildings more energy efficient.

New Installations

Shingles, pavers and rubber roofs are the most commonly installed roofing materials in the Frederick area. Each product has its own benefits, and the Jenesis Roofing team is more than happy to help homeowners pick the right material. Shingles have been a preferred material for decades and are an affordable choice today. Pavers are ideal because they have an extremely long service life, and they are environmentally sound.Frederick Roof Repair

The Jenesis Roofing team takes pride in new roof installations and has a step-by-step program in place:

  • Our team first protects landscaping, yards and gutters with appropriate measures.
  • The old roof is removed, and the project is performed to reduce the effects of rain, snow or extreme cold.
  • New materials are installed according to manufacturer’s specifications and industry standards.

Jenesis Roofing has been proudly serving Frederick property owners for years. Our technicians routinely install new shingles, gutters and pavers and we guarantee the quality of our workmanship. Repairs are also handled, and Jenesis Roofing ensures properties are protected from the weather during all phases of a job.

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