New Roof Construction & Repair in Firestone

New Roof FirestoneHiring a roofing company in Firestone can seem overwhelming and even frustrating. You will have information to digest, quotes to review and a major decision to make. Whether your roof and gutters need repairs or replacement, you can count on the experts at Jenesis Roofing to provide you with quality service you can trust.

Available Services

Many homeowners choose to have multiple services completed at the same time when they need new shingles. This is an excellent time to also replace gutters on your Firestone home or business, and you may even decide to have pavers installed. Whether you need basic repairs or the full service of a home makeover, call a company that can handle all of the services and make your home look magnificent again.

Thorough Inspection

When hiring a company to work on your roof, gutters or pavers, choose one that will start with a thorough inspection. It’s important to confirm that the attic is properly ventilated, and we will look at the bottom of the deck for damage. Inspecting the fascia and soffit, we can pinpoint any areas of rot and ensure that they are addressed as part of the repairs. With our thorough inspection ahead of time, you won’t have to worry about running into expensive surprises as part of the job when you choose new shingles, pavers, gutters or other services.

The Little Touches that Matter

Whether you are having pavers installed or want new shingles for your Firestone property, Jenesis Roofing will include the little touches that make a big difference. We use tarps to protect the landscaping around the work area, so your bushes and grass will still look great. We strip the old materials and expose the bare deck, so we can make any necessary repairs to rotted areas. When the subsurface is perfectly smoothed and prepared, your new shingles will lay flat, look incredible and seal better.

High-Quality Products

Roof Repair FirestoneIf you want your shingles to last, then you should partner with a company that uses high-quality products. We use asphalt and composite shingles that are durable and made to last. We will upgrade ventilation to ensure proper levels are maintained, and we use ice or water barriers where required. If you are interested in the beauty of tile materials, we have options that are sure to please you. We also offer metal options and even commercial flat coatings.

From the installation of pavers and asphalt shingles to basic repairs in Firestone, you can count on Jenesis Roofing to help you keep your home safe, dry and attractive. An experienced company, we take pride in our work and look forward to providing you with the service you need. Call us today to discover what we can do for your Firestone home or business.

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