New Roof Construction & Repair in Broomfield

Broomfield Roof GuttersYour home is a large investment, and roofing protects structural materials and interior finishes from the weather. Choosing the right contractor for a new installation or repair job is of primary importance because the choice affects the cost, durability and quality of a project. Installing new roofing material in Broomfield is an expensive job, and several considerations affect the choice of a particular contractor. Broomfield homeowners can rely on Jenesis Roofing for quality repairs, new installations and regular service. Jenesis Roofing has been an area contractor for years and specializes in residential repairs and installations. In addition to emergency repairs, Jenesis Roofing also installs shingles, gutters, vents and pavers.

Installing a new roof on a Broomfield home is a job that requires attention to the weather, and Jenesis Roofing relies on a comprehensive approach to its work. Because severe storms can hit the area on a regular basis, removals are done in small sections, and protected at the end of each day. This reduces the chance for any type of damage.

Jenesis Roofing takes the following steps to ensure homes are protected during any type of job:

  • Any adjustments are thoroughly explained and may be required due to extensive rain or cold spells.
  • Tarps protect finished landscaping and are installed before the existing material is removed.
  • Old material is disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner.
  • Decking or rotten wood is repaired as needed.
  • The roof surface is smoothed to ensure a lasting job.

Jenesis Roofing also offers quality repair services, and all work is done in accordance with local building codes and industry standards. Because our area is prone to high winds, some shingles need six nails instead of the traditional four. Nailing patterns are largely responsible for blow-offs, and Jenesis Roofing takes the time to install shingles in accordance with industry standards.

Broomfield Gutters RoofJenesis Roofing uses the best materials and offers the following repairs services:

  • Install or replace gutters, vents and pavers.
  • Inspect flashing and replace any damaged aluminum or metal.
  • Apply sealants to potential leak areas.
  • Upgrade ventilation with soffit, ridge or area vents.
  • Haul away and remove scrap materials.

Jenesis Roofing has been a Broomfield roof contractor for years and offers a range of services. Our team of experts are experienced with the leading brands of material and routinely installs or repairs shingles, gutters and pavers. Because the quality of a material affects the longevity of a job, Jenesis Roofing uses only the best products for its projects. The team of experienced installers removes existing shingles or pavers and takes time to protect shrubs, trees and landscaping. Repairs are a featured service, and Jenesis Roofing installs new ridge, attic and soffit vents to improve the overall energy efficiency of a home. Leaks are another problem that affect local homes, and Jenesis Roofing responds to problems on an urgent basis.

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