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Roof Repair Berkley

A damaged or worn roof which fails to do its job of protecting you from the elements can make even the most beautiful home an uncomfortable place to live in. Fortunately, customers in the Berkley area can turn to Jenesis Roofing to make your home the safe, cozy place it’s meant to be.

Old shingles that have been subject to years of strong winds or snow/rain storms can become curled, loose or torn. They can begin to fall apart. Beyond the degradation of shingles, gutters can also come loose from under the eaves as time and the elements take its toll. Jenesis Roofing professionals are experts at any type of roof repair and installation. We are the local leader in repair, install and inspection of everything roof related.

Jenesis Roofing repairs any problems on any type of roof, whether they be for your home or business. We can fix any material, including asphalt, tile, composite, and metal. As our professionals work, we also protect the property around the work-site by covering shrubs, lawns and other plantings with tarps. Our workers are responsible for hauling all debris away from the site.

Berkley homeowners can be rest assured our technicians come with all the required licenses and insurances. We’re a member in good standing with the National Roofing Contractors Association. We’re bonded and will obtain all permits to work on a client’s home. We will also be happy to provide references for our customers and show you a portfolio of our past work. We will also sign a written contract detailing everything that will need to be done for the job as well as warranty issues.

For swift and expert roofing installation and repairs, homeowners in the Berkley area call Jenesis Roofing!

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