New Roof Construction & Repair in Erie

Shingle ReplaceHere at Jenesis Roofing, we understand what it takes to make a roof that will hold up to the demands of the weather and climate that affects life in Erie. We also install gutters and pavers to protect and enhance your home.

Jenesis Roofing can replace your roof with a new installation of various roof types. Our experts can also fix any existing issues with your roof. Whatever the job, our technicians are ready for anything.

Jenesis Roofing is all about roofs. This includes your gutter system. Proper drainage from your roof and away from your home is vital to the long term health of your home. This is why regular inspections of your gutter system are necessary. With our free on-site inspection, our technicians can tell you if your gutter system provides proper drainage away from your home. And if need be, our guys can repair or replace your existing gutter system.

A recent trend being seen all over the country, including Erie, is the emergence of paving stones being used for various aesthetic, yet functional, purposes around homes and businesses. These interlocking cement paving stones (pavers) are a great way to spruce up a walkway around your home, or even the driveway itself. Pavers are also an excellent way to turn an upper floor deck or patio into the place everyone wants to be. Pavers are made for your convenience. They are as hardy as any surface covering you may desire, pavers are easy to clean and to care for, and pavers are very eye catching to acquaintances and passers-by alike.

Gray Shingle RoofWhen you hire Jenesis Roofing to do your roofing job in Erie, you can look forward to our many professional practices. We feel professionalism begins and ends with a high level of customer service. This includes meeting your needs as a home owner at a fair price. Jenesis Roofing performs free inspections and will provide you with a no-obligation estimate. Whether you have residential or commercial roofing needs, call Jenesis Roofing to set up an appointment and get a quote. You will come away satisfied with our professionalism and the overall quality of work.

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