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Undoubtedly, you have seen them. These interlocking concrete pavers making milestones as the most popular alternative to concrete, clay or brick lain surfaces are seen everywhere from driveways and walkways, to pool decks, loading docks, airports and more. The science behind paving stones goes back to the ancient Romans from whom we not only derive this most flexible means of paving roadways but also the term “milestone,” itself.

It was, after all, the Romans who revolutionized this method of building roads, using a stone marker for each mile accomplished. It is said that the success of Roman rule is largely due to their ingenious method of building roads that responded to the challenge of surfacing muddy routes and allowed expansion to outlying territories. An even greater testament to their work is the fact that these original roads still exist today.

So many hardscape applications created from plaza and ballast paving stones continue to gain in popularity as the efforts of “green” expansion seeks to find more areas that will perform dual-duty. In particular, flat roof surfaces are seeing more of these interlocking stones being used to take full advantage of these valuable spaces.

Jenesis Roofing can help you with the transformation that will turn a previously unusable area into functional art, producing prime real estate for restaurants, plazas and cafes, just to name a couple of applications. The engineering behind the pedestal-based interlocking roof pavers allows for an innovative blank canvas that will bestow a breathtaking center stage upon which the stage, itself, participates in the performance of outstanding customer service.

The pedestal elevation system that supports the paving tiles is engineered from high-density, adjustable polypropylene that features the ability to achieve dead level installation. These uniformly spaced pedestals represent a revolutionary means of support for pedestrian traffic, material and personnel above while allowing for drainage below.

We can help you customize your look with these Quality Residential and Commercial Application Roofing Construction Materials:

Ballast Pavers

At first blush, a roof may seem to be a simple feature of a building’s architecture. However, the roof must encompass the complex system needed to help control airflow into the building while still protecting it from the elements. Ballast pavers are lightweight interlocking stone tiles that introduce stability as they protect and reinforce the roof structure. Easy to install over a single-ply roofing membrane, they can serve as a simple walkway, as perimeter ballast or a full roof cover that protects against the wind, rain, snow and potential UV damage from the sun beating down every day.

Plaza Pavers

These high-density concrete pavers are suited to plaza deck surfaces, as they provide durability with a minimum compressive strength of 8000 psi. Terracing with concrete plaza pavers produces an enduring surface that is refined and virtually maintenance-free. As plaza decking, they provide durability while still conveying an elegant roof surface. They are the perfect application for designing a roof garden with the ability to provide a high solar reflective Index.

Choose from a variety of colors, styles and thicknesses of plaza pavers and ballast pavers that are made from an extruded molded manufacturing process. Their ship-lap interlocking design has built-in four-way drainage, fire proofing and freeze-thaw resistance.

Our goal at Jenesis Roofing is to deliver only the best service in an industry that we continue to influence with our positive approach, highly trained roofing experts, superior craftsmanship and unbeatable customer service. We partner with trusted manufacturers to be able to supply the highest quality materials while providing consistently low pricing to suit every budget. Our friendly staff are ready to guide you through the process of selecting the roof that Stands Above The Rest and that you will adore for many years.

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