Winter Roof Repair, Gutters and Maintenance

Winter Roof Damage

Roofing provides a very important function by protecting buildings from increment weather such as rain or snow. This is especially apparent during winter months when snow and moisture sit on the roof creating a problematic environment where water can seep through the roofing. A house is one of the largest investments that a person makes in a lifetime and having proper roof maintenance and repair ensures a water free home. Jenesis Roofing specializes in roof repair, gutters, and shingles for homes and businesses. They recommend regular inspections of gutters and roofs to guarantee a stress free winter.

Rain gutters are on homes directing water around the roof and away from foundations. They are located on the edge of a roof where the water runs off a slant and into the gutters. It then runs into a downspout and away from the house. This system is designed to further protect the home from water damage that can occur around the roof and foundation. If water is not correctly directed away from a foundation, it can leak in through cracks and windows creating problems within the home. A gutter system should be inspected on a regular basis to keep them clean and prevent leaks. Proper working gutters are essential to the overall winter damage protection on any home. A large part of any roof maintenance project needs to include a close inspection of the shingles and a repair cost estimate.

Shingles can become damaged over time, and the problem is visually apparent when they are curling or missing. The professional staff at Jenesis Roofing is trained to look for damaged shingles that can create issues during the wet winter months. Proper roof maintenance and repair keeps homes safe from the water damage that can occur on unprotected homes. Jenesis Roofing is the place to call for any roof repair question because of their wide range of services. Having the proper roof repair is sure to protect the exterior and interior of a home. The time is now to call for an inspection before the snow starts to fall to make sure that the roof is ready for any type of weather.

Half-Round and K-Style Gutter Systems

The Benefits Of Having Jenesis Roofing Install Or Repair Your K-Style Gutters Or Your Seamless Half-Round Gutters!

There are many benefits to having Jenesis Roofing install or repair your K-style or your seamless half-round gutter system. Both K-style and seamless half-round systems have a wide variety of benefits, and by analyzing and determining the benefits of each of these types of gutter systems, a homeowner can easily decide which gutter system would be the best for their home.


Jenesis Roofing offers full installation services for both gutter system types. Generally, the price for the installation is about the same for either gutter system…the installation time is fairly similar as well.


Jenesis Roofing does all types of repairs for both K-style and seamless half-round gutters. Failures can occur to a gutter system due to inclement weather and other events. And much of the time, having your gutter system repaired will cost less than having a new gutter installed.
Jenesis Roofing will fully inspect your gutter system to determine whether it would be better for your home to have its gutter system repaired or to simply have a new system installed all together.


K-style gutter systems are modern gutter systems that are used in about 80% of the new homes built today. K-style gutter systems are exceptionally durable and long-lasting, and when dealing with rain water, K-style gutter systems usually do an excellent job in any climate.
K-style gutter systems are relatively inexpensive when compared to many other types, and one of the reasons for this is due to its popularity. The material is very abundant.

Seamless Half-Round Gutter Systems

The other type of gutter system Jenesis Roofing specializes in is a seamless half-round gutter system. Seamless half-round gutters are more traditional types of gutter systems that have been used on homes for many decades. And, of course, this system provides excellent control of flowing water off of your roof.
Many homeowners trust seamless half-round gutter systems because they have lasted so long on so many homes. This system can also serve as an accent or a design addition for your home.


Both K-style gutter systems and seamless half-round gutter systems are particularly strong, but when holding larger amounts of water, the K-style system is stronger due to its exceptional design.

How Much Water

Due to its design, a K-style gutter system can hold slightly more water than a seamless half-round gutter system even if the two systems have the same diameter. This is due to its squared bottom side.


Debris can accumulate more easily in K-style gutter systems because of their sharp edges, and when using a seamless half-round gutter system, homeowners usually have much less debris to clear at the end of the season because the debris generally will flow much smoother through the rounded gutter style.
When looking for a new gutter system, there are many things to consider. Some of these include installation, cost, repairs, style, durability, and and overall function. Call Jenesis Roofing today for a free estimate on all gutter installation and repair work for your home or business!

Gutters & Gutter Guards


Water is at once one of man’s greatest friends and also one of his greatest enemies. While it is necessary for life, water can also take life, destroy property, and remake landscapes. For homeowners in the Denver area, the fight to keep water contained is a constant struggle, one that has become easier with improved technology. One of the greatest innovations in home technology for containing water is the gutter system. When combined with a quality, well-maintained roof, properly installed gutter systems can improve the value of a house and keep water at bay for years to come.

Not only do gutters improve the look of a residence, but they also channel water off away from the home’s foundation where it could cause leaks or compromise the foundation. Furthermore, gutters are critical in preventing exterior water damage to a house. By preventing water from flowing down a home’s paint and siding, gutters prevent excess amounts of water from permeating the cracks and crevasses found in wood, vinyl siding, window seals, and door supports, water that eventually could make its way into the home.

However, gutter systems alone will not solve all water-related problems. To prevent gutters from becoming clogged with debris, gutter guards are made to block the entrance of leaves, pine cones, and seeds inside gutter compartments. With gutter guards installed over your gutters, water only will flow easily into the gutters to be carried away through the downspouts. Gutter guards will even prevent the wayward fly ball from finding a permanent home.

If you are in the market for a gutter system or gutter guards, Jenesis Roofing is your go-to roofing company. The professionals at Jenesis Roofing can install a new roof on your dwelling or business, fix your existing gutter system, or place top-quality gutter guards on your gutter network. Best of all, Jenesis Roofing provides a no-cost assessment to determine what gutter or other roofing products your home or business could use. Regardless of what roofing or gutter needs you have, Jenesis Roofing has the staff, equipment, and expertise to assist you.

Safety First! Cleaning Your Gutters

Roof Gutters

Cleaning your gutters is important as the fall season arrives and leaves begin to fall from the trees, it is important to keep your gutters clear of debris to avoid costly repairs to your home. Without a thorough cleaning, it is quite possible the water run-off from the roof could damage your home’s foundation. And in keeping your gutters maintained, there is a serious safety factor to keep in mind. Jenesis Roofing poses a few safety issues to consider as you prepare to clean your gutters in preparation for the upcoming fall and winter months.


In most cases, the primary danger of gutter cleaning is climbing on a ladder. Whether you are five feet off the ground or twenty-five, being on a ladder always presents a danger. Be sure to inspect the ladder before climbing up to your roof. Look for damaged steps or loose screws that could possibly cause you to lose your balance. As you climb the ladder, keep both hands on the ladder. You may even want to wear a workman’s belt to carry all of the tools that you may need to complete this task. Once you get to the items you are going to be cleaning, be sure that your ladder is positioned so that you do not have to stretch or reach for anything. A second person standing at the bottom of the ladder for sturdiness is almost a must when climbing up on an extension ladder. Safety first!


Be sure that you wear the proper clothing when climbing to your roof. Since you will have to climb a ladder, it is important that you wear clothing that will not be a hindrance. Avoid loose clothing. Loose fitting clothing can easily get caught in the ladder or tangled under your feet, causing you to fall and possibly injure yourself. Additionally, shoes or boots with non-slippery soles should also be worn. These shoes will help you to avoid slipping when you are climbing the ladder. Gloves are also an item that may be helpful. Gloves will protect your hands from anything that could possibly injure you when you are cleaning the gutters. Gutters have been known to house prickly twigs, other unknown debris, and even reptiles have been found lurking.

Power Lines

Finally, the most important aspect to remember is to avoid power lines. Be sure to locate all power lines before you begin any process of cleaning. If power lines are near the area you will be working, you should contact a professional to clean your gutters.

Your gutters are an essential part to maintaining your home’s overall health. As with all other household items, proper maintenance is a must. However, be sure to practice safety when cleaning any of these items. And if this task is simply not something you are comfortable doing yourself, call a professional gutter cleaning company.

Jenesis Roofing offers complete installation, replacement, and repair services on gutter systems. If your home’s gutter system needs more than just a cleaning, give our experts a call and we will perform a free inspection and provide you with a fair and competitive estimate on all work needed.

Common Problems With Old & Unmaintained Roofs

It sits on top of every building in the Denver area but we hardly ever think twice about it even though it is one of the most important parts of your home. It goes unnoticed so much that we tend to forget it’s even there. However, when problems arise it can be one of the most expensive repairs we need and there is no getting around it. As tough as the it is, it is still susceptible to damage and decay so it’s important to keep it maintained and in good health. We are referring to, of course, the roof.

Roof and Shingle Repair

Damage to your roof can cause the price of repairs to skyrocket and the value of your home to plummet. It’s important to know what signs to look for and what can be done to prevent future damage and repair current damage, restoring the life and value of your home. Some of the most common problems we encounter are:

Missing Or Damaged Shingles
Shingles are the overlapping pieces of material that cover your roof and protect it from the weather. When they get damaged or go missing, it leaves your home vulnerable to mildew and decay. The water from a storm can seep into your attic, down through your walls, and cause a multitude of problems like mold infestation. If it looks like your shingles might be cracked, balding, or missing, then it may be time to replace them.

Clogged Gutters
The gutters along the side of your home collect water and transport it to the ground, protecting your fascia boards and siding. When gutters get clogged, the water has nowhere else to go and can leak underneath your shingles and into the walls. Proper gutter maintenance is essential to the overall health of your home. Sometimes a proper cleaning will do the trick but if your gutters have been there for longer than you can remember, it may be time to think about getting new ones.

The Denver area sees all sorts of weather and it can be detrimental to the health of your home. Over the years, the fluctuations in temperatures can weaken the wood, allowing it to crack and rain to leak into your home. Once that happens, the repair bills can add up quickly. Cracks can also leave your home susceptible to our next danger…

Weathered Roofing Shingle

Termite Infestation
These little creatures can wreak havoc on your home and do considerable damage to the wood and overall integrity of your roof. They eat a lot, reproduce quickly, and can spell danger in big, bold letters. They can sneak in under loose shingles or cracks and set up shop in the walls where there is ample food supply. With them, they carry all sorts of nasty germs. From the health of your family to the health of your home, a termite infestation can be extremely serious.

Are you looking to move to or within the Denver area soon? Have you picked out that perfect house and the only thing stopping you from moving in is making sure that is going to hold up to the weather? Are you already living in your home but starting to see signs that something might be a little bit out of the ordinary?

Jenesis Roofing has proudly served the Denver area for over 12 years and is a member of the BBB. Give us a call to set up an appointment for your free estimate. You’ll be glad you did!

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