The Holiday Lights Were Hung on the Roof with Care

holiday lights

The holidays are two weeks away from today! If you haven’t finished decorating the exterior of your home, follow these five tips for ensuring your holiday lights were hung on the roof with care, then flip the switch. Now you can stand back with a steaming cup of hot chocolate and admire all your hard work.

First, a Plan

This is your chance to show the neighborhood your holiday spirit. Whether you prefer subtle twinkling lights or colorful displays, like pictured, you should always begin with a plan. If it’s your first time adorning your home with lights, you’ll need to measure the areas you want to decorate, as well as the distance from exterior outlets. This will help you decide how many UL approved light strands and extension cords you’ll need. All products must be rated for outdoor or indoor/outdoor use.

Check Your Lights

You should carefully inspect all light strings and extension cords. Strands with frayed cords or missing sockets are a BIG no! Damaged light strings and extension cords can pose significant safety risks. Therefore, the recommended strategy is to replace all damaged products with new, making sure to properly dispose of those that didn’t make the cut. Before hanging your lights, it is always wise to test them to ensure they are properly functioning, replacing any burnt-out bulbs.

Use LED Holiday Lights

LEDs use 75 percent less energy and last 25 times longer than conventional holiday light sets. Because they produce very little heat, you also don’t need to worry about them overheating. Some popular products include string lights for the eaves of your roof, rope lights around pillars, and net lights for bushes. Always follow manufacturer directions when connecting multiple strands together to avoid overloading your home’s electrical system.

Install Plastic Light Clips

How many times have you watched Clark Griswold in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation hanging the lights on his house? Not only does he use 25,000 twinkling lights, causing a widespread blackout, but he also uses a staple gun to hang those lights. There is a better, much safer, way to hang holiday lights; all-purpose light clips. These inexpensive clips – available in packages of 50 or 100 – work with any type of light. These are the safest and least invasive way to attach lights to shingles or gutters.

Automate the Lights with Timers

Who wants to wake up the next morning just to find the lights have been on all night? Now that the holiday lights were hung on the roof with care, plug them into an outdoor timer. There are even timers that detect brightness, turning on at dusk, and off at dawn. Again, you’ll want to make sure the timer is explicitly designed for outdoor use and that it is UL approved.

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Happy Holidays!

~ From your friends at Jenesis Roofing

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