Preventing Ice Damage

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preventing ice damage

With the snow still falling, there are a few areas we want you to consider when it comes to caring for your roof – particularly for preventing ice damage.

The snow that has been sitting on your roof can melt due to the heat from inside your home. When this happens, the snow turns into liquid that can run down your roof and clog your gutters. The water then can find it’s way under your roof shingles and cause damage to occur inside your home.

A well-insulated roof will help prevent the heat from inside your home from escaping. This can  help eliminate how much of the snow fall, on your roof, is turned into liquid. We can help you with the process of choosing a new roof. A well-insulated and a well-installed roof can be the difference maker for preventing bigger future home repairs.

Our trained roofing technicians can give you a professional prospective on the best steps to take in order to get a new and beautiful roof. You can select from a diverse assortment of roofing styles and colors. We can work with your budget and taste! We specialize in new construction to storm damage repair work. Our Roofing Experts are eager to assist you in determining the best products to fulfill all of your roofing needs!

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