Hail, Storm and Flood Damage – Reroofing

It’s always nice to know that when weather damage effects your home, we respond! 


As our weather shifts here in Colorado, our homes take the brunt of the effects from the weather changes. With any severe storm, there is a chance that the high winds may blow off some of your roofing shingles. We highly recommend re-roofing your home before you experience shingle damage, or worse. Old roofing is more apt to respond negatively during a winter storm. Our best advice for re-roofing, is to act immediately! Calling us, as your professional roofing service provider, will eliminate any additional damage that can happen during storms.

Let’s go through a few advantages of re-roofing:

1) Helps prevent leaks from developing 

Typically, homeowners decide to re-roof their home once a leak or water damage has formed. Our goal is to help you replace your roof before any serious damage has occurred. We want to make sure we are taking preventative measures to protect your home by not waiting until the damage has been done. If you know that it has been several years since you have replaced your roof, or if there has been severe storms that maybe have weakened your roofing, please contact us immediately.

2) Allows you to save money, long-term 

Replacing a roof can be an expensive process, so we understand when our customers want to save money without sacrificing quality service. One way you can save money long-term is by re-roofing your home before damage occurs. Replacing your roof is a large project by itself, adding addition water damage or other serious issues can cost you hundreds more. So in order to save money long-term, plan ahead for when it’s the perfect time to replace your roof.

3) Enhances the overall look of your residence 

We are passionate about beautifully installed roofing, but we also have a desire to enhance the overall look of your home. Roofing adds a completely new look to your home. New roofing also has the potential or boosting your sale value on your home. A new roof makes a world of difference on the curb appeal on your home, which is why it’s one area you don’t want to wait to replace.

For more information on when it’s time to re-roof your home, or if you have any other questions,

please contact us immediately: (303) 789-1505 

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