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Asphalt ShinglesAs most homeowners are well aware, there will come a time to replace the old, leaky roof with a new, reliable roof. Especially if the old one contained wood substances which have become worn-out over time. There are quite a few homeowners out there that do not take the time to properly assess their options. The results can often be disastrous and cause unnecessary problems that potentially could have been avoided. Many options are available for review, as it is vitally important to choose what will best fit the needs of your home. The decision made will ultimately depend on location, climate, age of the home, and of course, personal preference. All of these factors must be considered; including the cost of required materials and installation to decide which is best for you and your home.

There are several kinds of roofs to choose from, such as asphalt or composition shingles, tile, metal, cool, and flat roofs. Homeowners must take into account which of these options would be most beneficial to your home.

The asphalt and composition shingles would be ideal if the customer lives in an area where the weather stays relatively the same throughout the year. Asphalt is strong and durable year-round, where the traditional wood shingle-types could deteriorate over time.
Tile roofs are ideal for refracting the heat from the blazing sun off of your home. Tile also gives the home a more “stucco” and modern appearance.

Metal is becoming popular due to sustainability and endurance through severe weather. It has been proven that metal roofs are more durable and therefore lasts longer than any other type of roofing.

No matter what decision is made, there are a few services which are offered to insure safe installation and continuing maintenance. The services include hail, wind, storm, and flood restoration and repairs, as well as tree removal and tarp coverage. The experts at Jenesis Roofing are available now to assist you in making the right decision for your home.

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