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Cleaning your gutters is important as the fall season arrives and leaves begin to fall from the trees, it is important to keep your gutters clear of debris to avoid costly repairs to your home. Without a thorough cleaning, it is quite possible the water run-off from the roof could damage your home’s foundation. And in keeping your gutters maintained, there is a serious safety factor to keep in mind. Jenesis Roofing poses a few safety issues to consider as you prepare to clean your gutters in preparation for the upcoming fall and winter months.


In most cases, the primary danger of gutter cleaning is climbing on a ladder. Whether you are five feet off the ground or twenty-five, being on a ladder always presents a danger. Be sure to inspect the ladder before climbing up to your roof. Look for damaged steps or loose screws that could possibly cause you to lose your balance. As you climb the ladder, keep both hands on the ladder. You may even want to wear a workman’s belt to carry all of the tools that you may need to complete this task. Once you get to the items you are going to be cleaning, be sure that your ladder is positioned so that you do not have to stretch or reach for anything. A second person standing at the bottom of the ladder for sturdiness is almost a must when climbing up on an extension ladder. Safety first!


Be sure that you wear the proper clothing when climbing to your roof. Since you will have to climb a ladder, it is important that you wear clothing that will not be a hindrance. Avoid loose clothing. Loose fitting clothing can easily get caught in the ladder or tangled under your feet, causing you to fall and possibly injure yourself. Additionally, shoes or boots with non-slippery soles should also be worn. These shoes will help you to avoid slipping when you are climbing the ladder. Gloves are also an item that may be helpful. Gloves will protect your hands from anything that could possibly injure you when you are cleaning the gutters. Gutters have been known to house prickly twigs, other unknown debris, and even reptiles have been found lurking.

Power Lines

Finally, the most important aspect to remember is to avoid power lines. Be sure to locate all power lines before you begin any process of cleaning. If power lines are near the area you will be working, you should contact a professional to clean your gutters.

Your gutters are an essential part to maintaining your home’s overall health. As with all other household items, proper maintenance is a must. However, be sure to practice safety when cleaning any of these items. And if this task is simply not something you are comfortable doing yourself, call a professional gutter cleaning company.

Jenesis Roofing offers complete installation, replacement, and repair services on gutter systems. If your home’s gutter system needs more than just a cleaning, give our experts a call and we will perform a free inspection and provide you with a fair and competitive estimate on all work needed.

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