You May Need A New Roof If…

You May Need a New Roof If...Homeowners in the Denver area must inspect their roofs on a regular basis. Catching a small problem can prevent serious and expensive damage in the future. A sound rooftop gives the homeowner peace of mind and adds value to the home. Should the house ever go on the market, it will be much more attractive to buyers and demand a higher price than a home needing new shingles, gutters, or a new roof altogether.

If inspection has been neglected, it may be too late. There are several things to check to see if the house needs a new roof. Here are 10 things to look for:


1. Check inside the gutters. The presence of loose granules in the gutters means that they are coming loose from the shingles and washing off the rooftop. A rooftop that loses granules is probably damaged and may be replacement.
2. A home with gutters in bad condition may be a good candidate for a roof replacement. If water collects along the line of the rooftop, it will can back under the rooftop and cause rotted wood. Check that the gutters are securely attached and that they are clean, clear and in good shape. Also, make sure all drains to all downspouts are free of debris.
3. Look for missing shingles or those that look worn or cracked. Rooftops with poor-condition shingles can allow water to enter and rot the plywood underneath.
4. Check flashing around areas such as junctions, pipes, vents and the chimney. If any are missing or bent, it can lead to water penetration and damage.
5. Inspect for sags or darkened areas. This can indicate the wood underneath is decaying. If the area feels spongy when stepped on, this is a further sign of rot.
6. If mold, moss, fungus or green algae is present on the shingles, this can be a sign that it must be replaced. These microorganisms loosen granules and degrade the material underneath. They also keep moisture in contact with rooftop. In the Denver area, continued freezing and thawing of that water can crack the rooftop material and make it unfit to protect your home.


1. In the attic, the homeowner should inspect for any sign of wear on the underside of the rooftop deck.
2. Look for signs of light coming through the wood. These are gaps or cracks through which water, or even insects and small animals, can enter.
3. Inspect for dark areas or trails. These are signs of water damage.
4. Check for sagging in the rooftop deck. The wood has decayed here.

If you spot one or more of these warning signs on the outside or inside of your rooftop, you may need to have your roof and/or gutters replaced. To hire a reputable contractor in the Denver area, contact Jenesis Roofing today

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